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Dr C Raghu, Interventional Cardiologist  – Hearty Life February 2017 Edition best cardiologist in hyderabad Volume – 3, Issue – 02 best cardiologist in hyderabad   Topics Covered best cardiologist in hyderabad   1. Carotid Artery Stenting An 81-year male presented with a history of recurrent episodes of giddy spells and loss of consciousness over the past…

Hearty Life Magazine, Volume-2 & Issue -3 for the month of March mainly covered topics, 1. Digital Revolution in Cardiology. 2. Pollution can Affect Our Heart. 3. Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator(WCD). 4. Biomakers in Heart failure. 5. Congenital Heart Disease (an Overview). Hearty Life E-Book:   For More Hearty Life Magazines, GO TO: http://goo.gl/4O5ijy  

Hearty Life Magazine February edition by Dr.Raghu, Interventional Cardiologist at Prime Hospitals – Hyderabad. Magazine covered topics, Ancient mummies confirm ‘modern’ atherosclerotic heart disease is 3500 -year old.   Hearty Life Magazine E-book     To View More Hearty Life Magazines, GO TO :  http://goo.gl/4O5ijy

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