Dr.C.Raghu, Interventional Cardiologist Hearty Life December Edition

Volume-2, Issue-12 best cardiology doctor in hyderabad

Major Topics Covered in this Edition

1. 3D Printing in Cardio-Vascular Medicine

During my medical school we had a large anatomy museum where we used to spend considerable time to understand the structure of various organs.


2. Novel Therapies for Hypertension – Part II

Hypertension affects more than 1 billion patients worldwide, and complications of hypertension are responsible for >9 million deaths per year.


3. Andre Frederic Cournand

Father of Clinical Cardiopulmonary Physiology
Andre Frederic Cournand was born in Paris. His father, who held numerous patents in dental technology, was the source of the son’s interest in medicine.


4. Prime News

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