Dr Raghu Cherukupalli is a Cardiologist in hyderabad, who is driven by his mission statement of “ Help all – Harm never ”.  His patients, colleagues and acquaintances always seek him because of this.

He envisions himself as a compassionate doctor always available to walk that extra mile for the patient by providing latest therapies and also tailor his therapies as per patients’ wishes. He takes a keen interest in educating the patient about the disease as well as the therapy, enabling the patient to become a partner in the disease management.

Sharing his knowledge with future generations of medical professionals is his passion. With this objective, he established a “Training Academy for Cardiovascular Interventions” and trains professionals – both medical and paramedical on the nuances of techniques in Cardiology. Metamorphosing a professional from an academic degree to a life skill ready professional is his motto in establishing this academy.

He is pioneer in trans-radial procedures and has been a recognized as a master teacher for the same. He has evolved over the past decade from performing angioplasties of the heart vessels to treating children’s cardiac defects to treating blocked vessels of the legs. All this is driven by a single motive of helping patients where there is a felt under addressed need.